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HR Wallingford is an independent civil engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation. We deliver practical solutions to the complex water-related challenges faced by our international clients. With a 65 year track record of achievement, our unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities includes state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of numerical modelling tools and, above all, enthusiastic people with world-renowned skills and expertise.

HR Wallingford works with renewable energy clients to optimise their investment returns and minimise the environmental impacts of their projects. We provide the technical capability and specialist expertise needed to inform and support every phase of the development cycle.

  • concept development and design
  • construction
  • site selection
  • operation and maintenance
  • environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • monitoring
  • detailed design
  • decommissioning

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State-of-the-art physical modelling facilities

HR Wallingford’s physical modelling facilities were enhanced in 2014 by the opening of the Fast Flow Facility. This unique, dual channel flume delivers a world-leading capability in wave-current-sediment modelling.

The Fast Flow Facility is one of the world’s largest marine test facilities. This dual-channel, race track shaped flume is a unique large scale modelling facility offering wave, fast tidal current and sediment capabilities. Understanding the complex way waves, currents and sediments interact is vital to the successful delivery of projects in the marine environment. The Fast Flow Facility allows our scientists and engineers to examine these interactions at a larger scale and in more detail than has previously been possible, helping us to more effectively optimise designs for our clients and minimise the water based risks for their projects.


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HR Wallingford runs an open programme of events covering topics in water and marine hydraulics, engineering and environmental management.

Course tutors are world renowned and have extensive practical experience in both consultancy and research. With all these events, our overriding aim is to share knowledge on best practice techniques, regulations as well as emerging technologies.

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